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April is National Welding Month! This month is dedicated to honoring the valuable contributions of skilled welders throughout generations, playing a crucial role in the nation’s growth. These skilled professionals are essential in maintaining smooth production lines, towering skyscrapers, and a thriving economy. Welders not only propel communities forward but ensure the safety and integrity of the structures and products they work on.

Since 1996, the National Welding Society has designated April as National Welding Month, with this year’s theme being “Increase Your Impact.” Cassie Burrell, the Senior VP of Marketing & Membership Development at AWS, highlights the significance of National Welding Month in showcasing the depth and importance of this essential trade in our daily lives. Burrell stresses that the theme for this year, “Increase Your Impact,” promotes continuous improvement and engagement at personal, corporate, and industry levels.

why is welding so important?

When considering welding, its significant impact on our world is frequently underestimated. Welding is indispensable in multiple industries from construction to aviation, automotive, and much more. Without this metalworking technique, many vital structures like buildings, gates, fences, bridges, infrastructure, and whole communities would not exist.

In addition to this did you know that 70 percent of all manufactured products rely on the expertise of welders? This fact emphasizes the importance of welding for the economic prosperity of our country.

Nonetheless, welding is not just a practical skill; it is a fundamental pillar of our society. The precision and artistry of welding have shaped the modern world in ways that are often overlooked. From the cars we drive to the planes we fly in and even the buildings we live and work in. All of those items have been welded together in some shape or form. So, in a sense welding acts as the unseen force that connects everything together.

what does it mean to increase your impact?

Over the next four years, the National Welding Society estimates a whopping 82,500 welding positions that will need to be filled. This increase in job opportunities is attributed to factors like societal growth, an expanding job market, retirements, career progressions, and industry changes. Despite the seemingly positive outlook of increased job openings, the United States is likely to encounter a shortage of skilled welders in the workforce.

Without a doubt, welders are pivotal in propelling economic development and community advancement. In response to the industry’s current challenges, the “Increase Your Impact” initiative seeks to motivate individuals worldwide to explore the skilled trades sector and pursue welding careers. Professionals are encouraged to share their stories and experiences to raise awareness about the significance of welders in society.

Through sharing their experiences, welders can showcase the array of opportunities in the skilled trades field, and hopefully educate as well as motivate others to consider a welding career or general career in the skilled trades. Utilizing platforms like social media, mentorship programs, and community involvement can generate interest and enthusiasm across diverse communities. By collectively acknowledging the value of welders and their contributions, we can foster a stronger and more vibrant society for future generations.

3 ways that you can celebrate national welding month

  1. If you are a welder share your story! Sharing your experience can motivate future manufacturing professionals and initiate discussions to educate those in your community. By sharing your experiences, you can inspire others to pursue a career in welding and showcase the possibilities that this field has to offer. By sharing your story you can spark conversations, exchange knowledge, and build a stronger community of skilled professionals who are passionate about shaping the world around you.
  2. Donate to the community. You can contribute funds to organizations like the American Welding Society Foundation, which offers educational scholarships and research fellowships to deserving students globally. By donating to organizations like the American Welding Society Foundation, you are helping to empower the next generation of welders by providing them with educational opportunities and resources. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of students who are passionate about welding but may lack the means to pursue their dreams. On a local level, you can donate metal scraps and templates for high school students to practice and enhance their welding skills. Donating mental scraps not only supports students’ education but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the welding industry.
  3. Joining an online welding community. This is a great way to celebrate this year’s National Welding Month theme, “Increase your Impact.” Educating and informing people about the industry and encouraging their involvement can have a significant impact on the welding profession. You can find welding communities in various places like online forums, local high schools, technical/trade colleges, and don’t forget about joining the American Welding Society! Being part of an online community allows you to contribute to the industry by sharing knowledge and connecting with others. Not only does joining online communities benefit those around you, but its a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for welding.
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