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Welding is more than just a fabrication process, it’s a career path that will ignite passion, spark inspiration, and allow you to unleash your creativity. This skilled trade is a craft that demands precision, patience, and dedication, but in return, it offers a career with endless possibilities. The fusion of metal pieces not only creates strong and durable structures but also serves as a form of artistic expression. Whether you are shaping intricate designs or constructing robust frameworks, welding is a canvas where your imagination can run wild.

This skilled trade has been around for centuries and will continue to be pivotal in the advancement of our society, technology, and the future. Whether you are considering a career change or just exploring your options to figure out which career path is right for you, read below and find out what we think are the 5 top reasons why you should pursue a career in welding!

1. High demand & job security

The skilled trade and manufacturing industry is experiencing rapid growth for several reasons, such as economic expansion, infrastructure development, and technological progression. In addition to business advancement and societal modernization, a significant number of “Baby Boomer” industrial workers and skilled welders are retiring. This retiring wave is expected to lead to an estimated 29% of the existing workforce retiring by 2026.

Overall, With the increasing demand for welders across various industries, you can rest assured that your skills will always be needed. This not only provides you with the opportunity to secure employment easily but also ensures a steady stream of job prospects throughout your career. You’ll be able to work stress-free in a thriving field and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your expertise will always be valued in the workforce.

2. fast path & Cost-effective education

While a formal college education is not mandatory for becoming a welder, pursuing educational training, and obtaining certification can enable you to perform specialized tasks involving different welding processes, positions, metal thicknesses, and various types of metals.

Furthermore, by enrolling in welding courses or apprenticeship programs, you can gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge that will enhance your skills and make you more desirable to potential employers. Certification in welding can open doors to higher-paying jobs and provide opportunities for career advancement within the welding industry. Additionally, continuous learning and staying updated on the latest welding techniques and technologies will help you stay competitive in the ever-evolving field of welding.

(The best part? Even if you were to enroll in the most expensive 2-year trade program, it would still only be 36% of the cost for the cheapest 4-year university)

Remember, the more you invest in your education and training as a welder, the more rewarding and fulfilling your career in welding is likely to be.

3. Opportunities for Travel

Welding is a multifaceted and indispensable skill that holds immense value in various industries. A skilled welder can create and repair a diverse range of structures and machinery, from towering skyscrapers to complex aerospace components. Their expertise is critical in ensuring the safety and reliability of these structures and machinery all around the world. So, whether it’s domestic or international, there will forever be a constant need worldwide for people who can update and maintain the society and technology around us along with help build for the future. From the depths of the sea to up into outer space, you would be guaranteed to find work anywhere in the world you want to go.

4. You can be your own boss

Many welders find fulfillment in the autonomy that comes with the job. The freedom and flexibility of a career in the skilled trades enable welders to explore a multitude of opportunities in diverse industries. From collaborating with small businesses to partnering with major corporations, or even venturing into entrepreneurship by establishing a welding business of your own, the choices are abundant. You can choose your own journey and have a say on what projects you work on, who you work with, where you work, and even when you work. Whether you thrive in the high-energy environment of a bustling construction site or prefer the independence and solitude of working in your own space, there is a niche work environment for every type of welder.

5. The possibilities are endless

Welding is truly a niche profession that could be suitable for everyone.

  • Do you want a profession where you can travel? You’ll get to as a welder!
  • Or do you want a profession that is stable and doesn’t require travel? A career in welding can provide that too!
  • Do you want a career that involves teamwork? A career in welding can provide that!
  • Or do you want a career that allows you to work independently? A welding career can provide that too!
  • Do you want a career with standard 9-to-5 shifts? A career in welding can provide that!
  • Or do you want a career with hours that vary? A career in welding can provide that too!

Hopefully, you get the point…. There are just our top 5 reasons you should pursue a career in welding but from competitive salaries to opportunities for advancement,  hands-on work, schedule flexibility, and much more, why WOULDN’T you want to pursue a career in welding?


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