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Project MFG Community Competitions

Project MFG designs and executes tournament-style competitions across the country to demonstrate the abilities of new talent and collectively inspire a movement to restore America’s industrial base. 

Competitions feature single and integrated technologies such as welding and additive manufacturing. Challenges also include team competitions using multiple technologies to create a product that requires integrated manufacturing. All competitions test the student’s ability to think critically, collaborate and manage resources as well as apply required technologies. Check the list below for a list of Project MFG’s community and single competition.

Additive Manufacturing Competition

Project MFG Additive Manufacturing Competition

Project MFG in collaboration with Austin Center for Manufacturing and Innovation (ACMI), held their inaugural Additive Manufacturing event in Austin, Texas. This endeavor has not only created a new line of competition for the program but also broadened the reach of its mission to help elevate the next generation of highly skilled trade professionals.

Clash of Trades International Championship

Clash of Trades International Championship

Clash of Trades, executed by Project MFG, is a skills competition series designed to inspire “moments that spark a movement” to restore the manufacturing industrial base. The competition demonstrates the problem-solving abilities and technological aptitudes requisite for success in manufacturing trades for the next generation workforce in integrated advanced manufacturing. The focus to date has been welders, machinists, programmers, mechanics, and fabricators.

Yuma Youth Welding

Project MFG Youth Welding Challenge

Weld Like a Girl hosts a Project MFG Youth Welding Challenge in Yuma Arizona. This event exposes home-schooled students age 10-17 to welding and promotes careers in the trades.

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