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“This is a critical time for America. The development of skilled trade professionals is not keeping up with demand. We must have industry, government and educational institutions working together locally to solve what is on track to be a national crisis.”

Manufacturing faces what is being called a Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will transform the way employees work in a fast-paced, skills-shifting environment where technology changes in a matter of months rather than years. While technological advances may eliminate some jobs, it will create far more positions. The manufacturing industry increasingly finds itself unable to fill those positions with qualified candidates. [Learn More]

Project MFG has emerged as a collaborative effort with communities, educators and industry leaders to elevate the next generation of highly skilled trade professionals. Together, we promote the prestige of manufacturing, accelerate the manufacturing trade workforce training and education pipeline and collectively level up the broader manufacturing industrial base.  [Learn More ]

Project MFG -Skilled Trade Professionals

who Are The Real Heroes?

Men and women from diverse backgrounds, economic and educational levels who come together to hone their skills and test their limits. They are the true power behind this movement. They, and others like them, are the ones who will ultimately change our readiness as a nation to meet the challenges we’ll face to our leadership and our security.

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