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As we wrap up our competition season, we want to pause and take a moment to express gratitude to our National Welding League and Maritime Welding sponsors who generously contribute and make our competitions and events a reality.

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pennsylvania College of Technology is a public college in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It is affiliated with, but a self-governing entity of, Pennsylvania State University.

This year, Pennsylvania College of Technology was generous enough to offer their facility for us to host TWO back to back championships and a discovery event! 

The state-of-the-art Welding & Metal Fabrication facility at the Pennsylvania College of Technology provided the perfect space for the 2024 Maritime & National Welding League Championship. With their support, competitors and spectators alike were in for a thrilling event showcasing students from across the nation. It was an unforgettable moment of back-to-back championships that celebrated innovation, teamwork, and the spirit of competition. 

industrial base analysis and sustainment program

The IBAS Program under the Department of Defense, invests heavily in six priority industrial capability development areas. Including Submarine and Shipbuilding Workforce, Kinetic Weapons, Microelectronics, Critical Chemicals, Castings and Forgings, and Energy Storage and Batteries.

Their mission is to strengthen the competitive posture of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base in the era of global competition. They also work to ensure a modern U.S. defense industrial base that fortifies traditional technical capabilities and forges emerging sectors to respond at will to national security requirements.

Through this partnership, Project MFG supports their Submarine and Shipbuilding Workforce innitiatives through our Maritime Welding competition series. The Maritime Welding competitions challenge students, highlight their skills, and often act as a job placement and recruiting event.


Edge Welding Supply

EDGE Welding Cups are a premium line of scientifically engineered pyrex glass welding cups. All their products are handcrafted and locally sourced in the U.S. With the most extensive cup selection for TIG welding in the market, they stand out. Moreover, they offer a unique legacy program. If you’re an instructor or have one, check out their website for details on how to get a promo code for supplies!

This year during our National Welding League Championship, Edge Welding donated over $3,000 in prizes!

Edge Welding’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident not only in their products but also in their support for the welding community. By investing in education and providing resources to instructors and students alike, they are ensuring that the craft continues to evolve and thrive.

American welding Society

The American Welding Society, established in 1919 as a non-profit entity, aims to promote the advancement of welding and related processes like brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying.

During this year’s consecutive championship events in Pennsylvania, AWS generously provided $1,000 scholarships to the top three winners in each competition, totaling over $6,000 in scholarship funds donated.

The impact of AWS’s efforts extends beyond the competition. By investing in education and fostering a sense of community, the organization continues to inspire the next generation of welders. Many past scholarship recipients have gone on to achieve remarkable success in the field, attributing their accomplishments to the support and recognition they received from AWS.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. is a multinational American company that manufactures welding products, arc welding equipment, welding accessories, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment, and robotic welding systems globally. It is renowned as the leading innovator in arc welding products, automated joining, assembly, and cutting systems.

Our long-standing partnership with Lincoln Electric has been outstanding. Their distinctive red color is a familiar sight in welding labs worldwide, showcasing their commitment to advancing welding technology and enhancing the lives of welders globally. We deeply appreciate their support and dedication and eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration for years to come.

Miller Welders

Miller Electric is an American arc welding and cutting equipment manufacturing company based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Miller Electric, has grown from a one-man operation selling products in northeastern Wisconsin to what is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of arc welding and cutting equipment

Their focus is building advanced, solution-focused products to meet the crucial needs for welding safety. At Miller, they set the industry standard for reliability, quality, and responsiveness. 

They have been a long-time sponsor of ours and we are so thankful for the partnership we have created with them, and we can’t wait to continue that partnership. connects industry leaders with potential employees in the submarine shipbuilding supply chain. The site provides information on careers and workforce development programs, and aims to recruit, hire, train, and retain a skilled workforce. is a public-facing part of a multi-organization effort to attract American workers to the defense industrial workforce.


Linde plc is a global multinational chemical company founded in Germany and, since 2018, domiciled in Ireland and headquartered in the United Kingdom. Linde is the world’s largest industrial gas company by market share and revenue.

Linde Gas & Equipment offers a wide range of welding gases, equipment and supplies. Thank you for supporting our welding events.


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