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Last week The Pennsylvania College of Technology graciously hosted our National Welding League Championship and the Maritime National Championship. The national competitions brought together some of the most talented young welders from high schools and trade schools across the country. These two events took place in the college’s impressive 55,000-square-foot welding facility, where the finalists showcased their exceptional skills. This was an exciting week filled with alot of action, so read below to get the full 2024 Maritime and National Welding League Championship recap.

Maritime Welding Championship

Our Maritime Welding series invites schools from across the nation to compete in a welding competition focused on shipbuilding skills. Throughout the school year we hosts these events to highlight Maritime welding needs and career opportunities in shipbuilding and maintenance. At the end of the season, the top-scoring students from across all the Maritime events get invited to compete in our national Clash of Trades Maritime competition.

This year, out of 160 competitors, only 16 students were invited to compete in the Maritime National Championship where they were given the challenge of assembling and welding a model destroyer ship.


National Welding League Championship

Our National Welding League series includes schools and programs from across the nation. Throughout the school year we provide projects for students to build. As the year goes on the projects increase in difficulty. Instructors and students are provided access to our education platform that walks students through the project and provides learning opportunities. Once the projects are completed they are scored. At the end of the season, the top-scoring students will meet for the national competition.

This year out of 77 schools that submitted projects and competed only 18 finalists were invited to compete in the National Welding League Championship where they were given the challenge of assembling and welding a model space shuttle with rocket boosters!


The competitions provided an opportunity for the competitors to demonstrate their expertise and passion for welding. Not only did they showcase their skills, but they also had a chance to win significant prizes. The winners of each championship received $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $2,500 for third place. Winners’ names will be announced in the Clash of Trades video debut in mid-July.

This groundbreaking event also served as a platform for promoting the field of welding to young people, exposing them to the possibilities within the industry. “For us to be able to link up with Project MFG and host the nationwide competitions is a phenomenal way to expose more young people to the field of welding, as well as more people to Penn College,” said Bradley M. Webb, dean of engineering technologies at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Both championships not only celebrated the exceptional talent within the welding industry but also underscored the importance of skilled trades in driving innovation and success.

Clash of trades: Welding edition reality series

This National Championship will be featured in a Project MFG “Clash of Trades” video series on YouTube. These talented students give their all in pursuit of glory and put on an impressive competition. Pennsylvania College of Technology was a fantastic host site generously offering up its best-in-class welding and fabrication facility for the students to compete. Be sure not to miss out on the action-packed series by tuning in to “Clash of Trades” on YouTube. Catch up on all the excitement from previous seasons and witness the passion and innovation of these remarkable teams!

The winners of the Maritime and NAtional Welding League Championship are....

In the end, only 2 competitors emerged victorious, but all of the finalists had already achieved something remarkable by making it as far as they did. The national championship was a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the love of the trade that united everyone involved.

Who emerged victorious and claimed the grand prize this year at the 2024 Maritime and National Welding League Championship? Tune in to the Clash of Trades: Welding Edition National Championship on YouTube in mid July to find out!

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