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Last week, on May 23rd we kicked off our Season 4 Clash of Trades Advanced Manufacturing National Championship. This year’s competition was hosted at the Stewart-Haas Racing facility located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. 

The Project MFG Advanced Manufacturing Series is a multi-round competition that began in October of 2023. During this season, 320 competitors from 80 schools representing 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces, registered to compete. After the initial qualifying round was completed, all of the team projects were submitted and judged, and out of those 80 teams that started, only 16 were invited to move onto the Regional Rounds. In the end, only 4 teams ultimately emerged as the top 4 finalists to compete in the national Clash of Trades Championship.

The journey to the national championship was filled with excitement, determination, and intense competition. As the top four teams prepared to face off against each other they all showed exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the season, earning their spot in the finals.


Central Alabama community college

Central Alabama Community College (CACC) is a two-year community college that focuses on academic, technical, dual-enrollment, and adult education located in Alexander City, Alabama.

This team has put up fierce competition throughout the season to rightfully earn their spot as a finalist in the National Championship. CACC is on of our returning teams who have been competing in Project MFG Clash of Trades competitions since the very beginning back in 2020! 

Their journey to the National Championship has been nothing short of impressive, and their passion for what they do is evident in every move they make. As they gear up for the final showdown, the entire Central Alabama community stands proudly behind them, cheering them on as they aim to make history and bring home the coveted title.

"To have been one of the finalist teams that advanced to the National Championship was literally a dream come true! It was such an exciting experience and I was so thankful for the opportunity."

Autry Technology Center

Autry Technology Center is a technical school located in Enid, Oklahoma, and this was their first time ever competing in a Project MFG competition.

During this competition, they really showed what it meant to work together as a team. As first-year competitors, they persevered and that determination paid off. They embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination, showcasing their talent and skills in the world of manufacturing. Each member played a crucial role, contributing their unique strengths to the team dynamic. Through collaboration and innovation, they overcame obstacles and demonstrated their true potential.

Their success throughout the competition not only highlighted their individual growth but also exemplified the power of teamwork and perseverance.

"It felt amazing to have made it to the National Championship especially as a first year competitor. This whole competition has been a really great experience, I was so glad to have been a part of it. This competition also was a great way for us to talk to other schools that we were competing with and make connections with them."

Everett Community College - amtec

Everett Community College is a public community college in Everett, Washington, and this was their first year ever competing in a Project MFG competition.

Despite being new to the Project MFG competition, they enthusiastically embraced the challenge with determination and passion, leaving a lasting impression! Throughout the season, this team displayed unwavering determination as they persisted and put in the hard work to demonstrate that, despite their status as newcomers, they were willing to go the extra mile to learn, develop, and reach the championship.

As the competition unfolded, they encountered formidable challenges and setbacks, yet their determination remained unshaken. Instead, each hurdle only served to reinforce their unity and commitment to achieving success. Their dedication to learning and progress was truly remarkable to behold.

"Competing in the National Championship was surreal. I had only been in the trade for about 6 months so it was wild to me that as a team we were able to hone our skills enough to have competed at the level we did. On top of that, it was great to see all of the attention this competition brought to AMTEC and our programs.""

calhoun community college

Calhoun Community College, located in Tanner, Alabama, is a public community college that is well-acquainted with the Project MFG Clash of Trades Advanced Manufacturing competition. They have been active participants in the competition since its inception in 2020 and have consistently secured victories, earning a spot in the National Championship each year.

With a talented team of students and faculty guiding them, Calhoun Community College has become a powerhouse in the competition, setting a high standard for others to strive towards. Their success in securing victories and earning a spot in the National Championship year after year is a testament to their hard work, ingenuity, and passion for advancing manufacturing technology.

"It felt amazing making it to the National Championship! I've loved getting to push myself and get to work on projects I would never normally be able to get to work on throughout the season! It was a wonderful feeling to have my instructors trust me to represent Calhoun and all I wanted to do was give it my all and make them proud! Welding changed my life in the best way possible and I want to return the favor as well as pay it forward and spread my passion and love for the trades with anyone who will listen to me"

the toolbox challenge

During the competition, the teams were surprised with a toolbox mini-game challenge where they race against one another to put tools back in their toolboxes according to exact specs the fastest. Central Alabama’s team completed the task first and won a VIP infield experience at the Coca Cola 600 race as well as each team member winning a toolbox from the challenge to take home as their own.

Celebration of Trades Dinner

As the 3-day competition wrapped up, we aimed to honor the remarkable skills and dedication shown by the students during the event and extend our thanks to all participants. The dinner not only marked the end of the competition but also served as a reminder that this championship signifies more than just victory; it celebrates the remarkable talent and enthusiasm of the upcoming generation of skilled trade professionals. It was a night filled with laughter and fun, as students and mentors shared stories of challenges overcome and friendships forged.


Coca Cola 600 Race

As our Clash of Trades finale revolved around an automotive/NASCAR theme, it felt like the perfect conclusion to take our competitors to the Coca-Cola 600 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This experience was truly exceptional, as it offered our participants the chance to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of NASCAR. Walking down onto the track allowed them to feel the energy and excitement of the race in a way that was truly an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Clash of trades reality series

This National Championship was filmed for the Project YouTube reality series “Clash of Trades” which is in the 4th season. These talented teams give their all in pursuit of glory and put on an impressive competition. Stewart-Haas Racing was a fantastic host site generously offering up its best-in-class manufacturing facility for the students to compete. Stewart-Haas drivers Cole Custer & Ryan Preece came by to cheer the Advanced Manufacturing team and talk about how important precision manufacturing is in the performance racing world. Be sure not to miss out on the action-packed series by tuning in to “Clash of Trades” on YouTube. Catch up on all the excitement from previous seasons and witness the passion and innovation of these remarkable teams!

The winners of the 2024 Clash of trades are...

In the end, only one team emerged victorious, but all four finalists had already achieved something remarkable by making it as far as they did. The national championship was a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the love of the game that united everyone involved.

Who emerged victorious and claimed the 100,000 grand prize? Tune in to the Clash of Trades National Championship on YouTube July 12th to find out!

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