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Project MFG Maritime Welding Competition Winner Announced

[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 25, 2023] – The Project MFG Maritime Welding Competition took place at Philly Shipyard Inc. on October 25th. It brought together twenty students from eleven schools, all vying for top honors. The event had a special focus on skills relevant to the maritime industry, emphasizing the critical role welding plays in building and maintaining vessels.

The full-day event organized by Project MFG and the Philadelphia Talent Pipeline Project was a success, drawing attention to the many career opportunities available in the maritime welding industry.  The competition was intense as esteemed judges, Ryan Eubank of Project MFG and Sean Moran from the American Welding Society judged each student competitor’s welding skill and precision.

Project MFG is thrilled to announce the top three winners of the Maritime Welding Competition:

First Place: Patrick Evanko of Pennsylvania College of Technology. Patrick received a scholarship of $1,250 provided by the American Welding Society and a generous selection of welding gear and tools from Miller.

Second Place: Nikolas Harnish of Pennsylvania College of Technology. Nikolas received a generous selection of welding gear and tools from Miller.

Third Place: Bryce Klunk of Colonial Career and Technology Center. Bryce also received valuable welding gear from our sponsors.

The competition’s success would not have been possible without the generous support of our many supporters and sponsors, including the Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project, American Welding Society, Miller, and other industry leaders who provided invaluable resources and encouragement to our talented participants.

“The Project MFG Maritime Welding Competition is a platform for young welders to showcase their skills and explore exciting opportunities in the maritime industry,” said Ryan Eubank of Project MFG. “We are immensely proud of the competitors and grateful to our sponsors for their unwavering support.”

One of the highlights of the event was the Career Discovery Day, organized by the Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project. This day brought over 250 students from the region to interact with industry leaders, participate in educational career sessions, and embark on industry tours. It was a unique opportunity for these young minds to explore the diverse and promising career paths within the welding industry.

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